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AccStar was tested on Windows 7 by Microsoft Thailand



AccStar Integrated Accounting System 100% C# .NET Framework Technology


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What is the meaning of multi language support?

Basically, you can use English and Other language with AccStar. The Other language can be any language that supported by Windows. Therefore, you can use AccStar with any language. While you are running AccStar you can switch between English and Other language.

How can I change language to my native language?

You just go to Form Label menu and change label caption in the Other language field. For reports, you go to Report Layout menu and change the report captions to your language. You can also change font to any font that available in your system.

How can I get help file for my language?

There are only English and Thai help file available now. However, please let us know if you want the uncompiled file. If you do not have Microsoft Help Workshop, you can send the translated file to us to compile it for you.

Can AccStar upscale if our business is going big?

Yes, you can because
we always keep in our mind that our customer's business is growing and our system will not cause any problem. With the standard version, the maximum database file size is 1 gigabyte, and the maximum number of concurrent users is 255 users. You can also export your database to Microsoft SQL, or ProstgrSQL and convert AccStar to Professional version.

How Can I get the
customized AccStar for my business?

Yes, you can.
You can e-mail your requirements to us. We will give you a quotation. Don't worry about the developing cost. We will charge at reasonable price.


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