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AccStar was tested on Windows 7 by Microsoft Thailand Thai
AccStar Integrated Accounting System 100% C# .NET Framework Technology
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Company Information

The Company Information module helps you manage your company's default information. AccStar will use this information as a default value.



This is the company's name, which will be used in many reports. The maximum size is 100 characters.

Office ID

This is used for multi-office company. AccStar can consolidate all account transactions. (Enterprise version)

Tax ID

Your company's Tax ID.


Your country.


It is your address.


It is your delivery address. It may be the same as your address.

Zip Code


If you input Zip Code, AccStar validates it for you. If it is true, AccStar gets the City and State information for you. Otherwise AccStar prompt you an error message.


It is the number of decimal that you want to use for numeric.

Inventory Cost

It is the method of calculating your inventory. There are three methods that you can select i.e. Average, FIFO and LIFO. You should define it when you set up your accounting period.

Long Date

It is the date format that display on date box. If date length display on date box is over than its width, uncheck the Long Date Format. You can change the format of Long Date on your system Control Panel. You should not include weekday when display date.

Exclusive Tax Price

Indicate that you want all calculation to exclude tax from the basic price. If it was not checked, the stated price includes tax in it.

Zero Stock

If it is checked AccStar will not check InStock value. The InStock value can be less than zero.

Periodic Indicate type of your cost of good sold method

Aging Level

It is the number of days that you want to set for aging your debtors or creditors

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